Thursday, October 1, 2009

great beginnings

Sometimes a piece of fabric will reach out and grab you. That's what happened to me with the above. It said it would look great as a "frenchy bag" by Amy Butler with the gray hen on the front. (picture of finished project)
Then, his and her placemats with hen and rooster made from "Flying Geese Placemats with Pocket" by Scheer Stuff 'n'Such.
(picture of finished project).
Oh, and an apron. Too bad you don't need a new valance above the kitchen sink or chair cushions. Yes, it said all that to me.
The funny thing is the placemats do not fit on my round table. So, I designed a curved edge placemat with flying geese pocket. The new pattern should be available by October 5th.

The past two nights have been in the 40s. While walking around the yard I noticed the rhubarb has gone crazy. So many stalks per plant. So I started pulling out stalks, cutting off the large leaves and putting them on the ground around the plants to reduce weed growth. We'll see if that works are stated in a book I read. There were new little stalks growing in the center.

The rhubarb was cut into half inch pieces and covered with an oatmeal topping. I had picked enough to make four recipes of rhubarb crunch. One went into the oven and the other three went into the freezer. The baked crunch was very tender.
I have had a request for frozen rhubarb (3 cups per bag, please) as a Christmas gift. There is more rhubarb to be harvested.

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