Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The weekend brought us two days of sunshine and temperatures in the 50's! What a wonderful gift. My husband and I have been reading about the organic gardening of Ruth Stout. Couple that with Spring Fever and we were out the door to scratch in the dirt. Our first order of business was to create a new bed for peas. Using Ruth's method of mulching and no digging, we layered ash from the wood stove, rotted leaves and grass, composted dirt, and topped it all off with pine straw. Every six inches we pushed a branch into the earth for the pea vines to climb upon. I was surprised and pleased that the branches went into the ground easily to the depth of six to eight inches. Today, Dennis is adding a top dressing of horse manure. We will be watching the mail for our seeds to arrive. Next bed will be for potatoes.

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