Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day!!!

Yesterday was a snow day, no working at the quilt shop. So, I spent some extra time in the kitchen. I have an abundance of onions that needed some attention. I roasted them in the oven for three hours in a cast iron dutch oven. I froze them for later use in French Onion Soup.

The other fruit that needed something done to it was apples. I used the apple butter recipe found in my 1959 addition of "The Fannie Merritt Farmer Boston Cooking School Cookbook". How's that for a title! The recipe called for mild cider vinegar in which to cook down the apples. I had some Bragg's Organic apple cider vinegar and decided to give it a try. I like the flavor, but will be more careful of my measuring next time. The apple butter was flavored with cinnamon, clove and allspice. I canned it in my new Weck canning jars. They look great! We opened a jar at breakfast this morning. I was so pleased with the tight seal that had formed.

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