Thursday, August 5, 2010

Time marches on whether I do or not!

Our blackberries have their feet in the lake which usually keeps them from burning up in this hot weather. We plan to encourage them to grow along the seawall and not in the rest of our yard. It was a good blackberry year. I canned jelly, syrup, and mulled vinegar. I found a new pectin, Pomona's Universal Pectin, that allows me to use a lot less sugar or honey or artificial sweetener. We are pleased with the results and it is cheaper than Sur-Jel.

As usual I have a late tomato harvest. They are struggling to produce but the results taste good to us. Our grandaughter was here to help us plant the seedlings I had started from seed. The volunteer cherry tomatoes are doing the best.

Quiltfest 2010 has come and gone. It was so good to have the house full of family and friends. There is alot of creative energy flowing through this group.