Sunday, December 12, 2010

We have been experiencing technical difficulties with our camera. In other words; the batteries are being held in place with a large rubber band and we can't find the cord to download the pictures to the computer!

Friday was the first day in over a week, that our daytime temperature was above freezeing. Very unusual for this area. My winter crops have suffered. Saturday I harvested what was left of the mustard greens. It was just enough to add to the sausage gravey for our biscuits. Yummy! Today, my husband harvested the last of the dill. It is now in the dehydrater. I think that was our third crop of dill this year. It keeps reseeding itself. I'm all for that!

Since the last post, I have added borders to the feathered star and greatly enjoyed the comments. I have sewn a second feathered star with a winter theme, a redbird graces the center.

Hope your Christmas celebration plans are moving smoothly along.

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