Thursday, April 5, 2012

I am loving this warm weather! I was outside, Tuesday, when I noticed extra activity in the bee yard. It was a swarm! One of the hives had decided to split. A queen and some drones and workers headed off for new digs. All I could do was stand and watch. To my amazement, they formed a clump around the queen in a cedar tree above the hive! Then a storm came through and I had to leave for Bee Club. The next morning Dennis and I went out to see if they were still in the tree. Sure enough, there they were. Dennis attached a five-gallon bucket to a very long pole, climbed a ladder, and successfully gathered the swarm and transfered it to a new roomy hive. Yeah!

I don't think it is a new moon yet, but crazy seems to be in the air. I stopped by a new Tractor Supply store Monday afternoon and came out with six barred rock chicks!

The week before, I joyously opened several packages of seeds, dumped them in a container and proceeded to broadcast in a bed of mulch. Then I added a light covering of planting mix. When I checked the bed, I could see many little green plants emerging.


  1. Nice work on the bee move, Dennis! And the chicks are lovely. First time with chickens?

    1. I had a few chickens in Wichita. So, it has been a long time. Something always ate them before we could or before they could lay eggs.

  2. I love that you are blogging! The chicks are super cute. I hope they do well for you! Great idea to mix the seeds, the easier we garden the better!