Monday, April 16, 2012

I need to correct myself. I read the following in "Gaia's Garden" by Toby Hemenway AFTER I had joyously broadcast all those seeds. "Broadcast all the seeds over the same area to create a mixed planting. Sow at a density of about one seed every couple of square inches and cover the entire bed with a light scattering of seed. Sow each seed type separarely--don't mix the seeds and toss them all onto the bed, because the heavy seeds will be flug the farthest and you'll wind up with all the radishes on one end and all the parsnips at the other." My flung seeds are now seedlings and they really don't look too bad. I have done some thining for the chicks.

Speaking of chicks, I think one is a rooster because a nice tail is forming.

The black locust is covered in sweet pea like blooms and bees.

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  1. Hi ...
    I saw your caserole dish carrier and noticed you had a comment for a 9 x 13.. I have been looking for a 9 x 13.. how do I get it.. do you still have it?

    Kim :)